We integrate engineering design excellence with construction

A strong experience in construction

Our Mission To provide our customers with the highest quality of construction services at reasonable prices and competitiveness. Maintaining high standards of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, our associations and customers.

To become the leading construction company in the global market. To be the most preferred customer choice by getting quality highlighting and projects added at the right time. To provide high quality services in the construction industry while providing high quality art throughout the project, we manage it.

Safety. The safety of our employees and the surrounding community is everyone's responsibility. basic knowledge, integrity. Our business ethics will include high honesty, ethics, and ethical conduct, Respect, co-operation, leadership, accountability, transparency, Enterpreneurship.

Constructing Buildings, Infrastructure, Engineering and urban renewal

We are now a part of an end-to-end constructing company

In many areas of civil engineering, the Farcon Group has developed a set of methods and techniques that are now considered industry standard.

Architectural Designs

Our experience supports us to improve our designs.And forces us to launch new products and designs for our new clients and our old projects also improved by us. We are build all projects neither it cant be important its a residential, commercial or a factory project. Every project taken by us is done by full efforts.

Structural Designs

Structural design usually referred to the structure of buildings. it describes the all parts of the project which is going to build. It also includes the calculations of engineering and every action performed by the builders and the mixture products which bear all the loads of the building project and its maintenance.

Gray Structure

Gray structure is the structure when your project is build and just need to design. This stage comes when the structural design is done and at this stage contractors do their best to meet the customer needs and pull his last effort to give their best in their special field. In this structure roof tops and the cement.


Project which is going to done must be supervised by any company constructor, project manager, construction manager. Because construction can never be done without them. This stage may be includes the number of tiles, and all products required to build lifetime projects.

Turnkey Construction

This way includes the client & company agreement. This means the tenure from design to close-out of project. In this structure contractor or the project managers deals with all matters in the fixed price contract signed by them and the sum profit also add in it. Nothing is done out of contract.

Interior Design

It means the internal/external look of project. This is more important then everything because when project is build and if designing is not done then this project is not attractable or it looks old. So we also stay on top from market and our designs always stay updated as our project designs.